New Pallets for Pasco, Washington

New Pallets for Pasco, Washington

Do you have a need for wood pallets? Whether you’re repurposing pallets for an at-home project, or whether you need them for your business to organize and ship your own products, you can rely on Girard Wood Products, Inc., to offer you the best new pallets in Pasco, WA.

If you’ve already purchased our pallets sometime before and they’ve gotten damaged, don’t worry. We also offer pallet repair services. Call us today whether you need new or used wooden pallets.

New or Used Pallets

New pallets are strong and able to withstand heavy weights. Used pallets are great for repurposing projects and are also quite hardy. No matter the use of your wood pallets, you can be sure that Girard Wood Products, Inc., has what you need.

Beyond your standard pallet supply services, we also offer pallet and packaging design, vendor-managed inventory, and on-site heat treatment/sterilization with ISPM-15 certification.

Repair or Recycle

When your wood pallet is damaged, there’s no need to throw it out. Instead, bring it back to us, and we’ll repair it for you. This saves money, time, and the environment. If you don’t want to repair your pallet, we offer recycling and disposal services. We can save you the headache and hassle of disposing of your pallets, so choose Girard Wood Products, Inc., today to fulfill your pallet needs.

To learn more about our services, give us a call today at (253) 845-0505.